Tuesday, June 2, 2015


A few weeks ago, I got my Temple recommend renewed. (Yay!)

Working for the Church News has given me a unique insight into the inner workings of the Church, a lot of background information on our Church leaders that generally doesn't get shared, and a greater awareness of the events of the Church and the world. (Payson Temple Dedication coming up! Woo hoo!) "Don't let working for the Church News affect your testimony," has been said to me more than once.

Why? Because I can see how every person in this Church is human and subject to all the weaknesses and frailties of men. All of them. Physical. Mental. Possibly spiritual, but probably on a different level than all of us. I can see how someone could be blindsided by these revelations if they had mistakenly placed the Apostles on a golden pedestal.

What I am learning from meeting Seventies, General Auxiliary leaders and Apostles? Each time I get to shake their hand, the Spirit confirms to me that this mortal man or woman has been called of God to fulfill this job. They're not perfect, but they are worthy.

Thankfully, that's the same requirement I have to get into the temple. I'm not perfect. I'm so not perfect that I was scared to even ask my Bishop for a Temple Recommend interview. Fortunately, he's the one who checked up on me.

Saying, "Yes." felt really good. "Yes." with a period — not a question mark, not an ellipsis preceding it, not a pair of quotation marks around it to indicate I've taken it from someone else. I know that President Monson has been called by God to lead the Church. I sustain the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve and all other General Authorities and Auxiliaries.

And yes. I am worthy to enter the temple.
I felt so good that I immediately went to Deseret Book and bought a shiny new Temple Recommend holder
and learned how to spell 'recommend.'

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